Pick up your favorite I AM Organic product and take a closer look. It’s an easily over-looked detail, but perhaps my favorite aspect of the whole brand. Written on the pastel labels in tiny white lettering are positive affirmations translated into several different languages.


Mantras are powerful. They have the ability to shift your mindset from a place of negativity to a place of hope. My self-worth and sense of self hasn’t always been as strong as it is today. Growing up, I experienced a lot of negative internal chatter and self-limiting beliefs. It’s easy to facilitate positive self-talk when you’re having a good day, but that is not why I added the affirmations.

They are there for the days when you feel defeated. The days it seems impossible to get out of bed and pull yourself together. When your confidence has taken a nose-dive and things are not going the way you had planned. It’s during these darker days, the days when it’s challenging to speak to yourself kindly, that the mantras are most important.

Inspirational Labels

I wanted my products to represent hope and bring comfort to anyone who needs it. And I didn’t want that narrative to stop at English-speaking people in the United States. I wanted to expand the positivity to women around the world so that wherever they are, no matter how terrible their day has been, they can look up in the shower and read “I AM Light” in their own native language. I wanted to give women five minutes of pampering, complete with relaxing fragrances and gentle ingredients, before they have to spend the day taking care of their families or facing a disrespectful classmate in school.

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Know Your Worth

At I AM Organic, we believe in the power of knowing your worth. We wanted to spread the message that you are not alone, and whatever it is you are facing, someone, somewhere, knows exactly what you’re feeling. For us, the positive affirmations really round out the mind, body, and soul experience, giving you the motivation you need to get through the day and the relief of knowing that there are better ones on the horizon. Shop and view all our inspirational product.


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