It always seems that as soon as we become accustomed to one season, it’s time to get ready for the next.  And as temperatures begin to change, it’s important that your skin care routine does too. To help maintain your best skin this fall, try these three great skin care tips.


The first thing to address in order to kick off fall with beautiful, healthy skin is the damage that has been caused as a result of increased sun exposure in the summer.  All of that extra sunshine can cause collagen to breakdown, which could result in dullness, a lack of firmness and increased lines and wrinkles.

sugar scrub

Choosing a skin care product rich in phytosterols is key to restoring and nurturing damaged skin. Phytosterols not only aid in the reduction of collagen breakdown, but also encourage new collagen production. The butters and oils chosen for our Body Balm were specifically designed to work with the skin’s molecular properties to help rebuild and strengthen them from the inside out. Nourishing the skin from the inside out doesn’t stop there. Diets rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants can help to repair cells and protect them from further damage.


We can’t say it enough. Exfoliation plays a vital role in achieving gorgeous, glowing skin no matter what season. Our Sugar Scrubs work from the inside surface of the skin out, giving your skin the ability to retain moisture while encouraging the circulation of blood flow, aiding in nourishing the skin cells and keeping them vital by carrying oxygen and nutrients to them. This becomes increasingly more important as the air becomes drier in the fall and your skin requires more hydration.


In the fall we transition into colder, windy days, indoor heat and less water in the air, all of which deplete the skin of much needed moisture. Skin also tends to naturally produce less oil in the fall and winter months, so that means you really need to step up your moisturization game over the next few months. Our Body Oils not only cleanse the skin, but are also absorbed deep below the surface for superior moisture retention and softness

With just a bit of fine-tuning, you can enjoy healthy, beautiful skin all fall long! Repair, exfoliate and a boost in moisture are all key to your fall skin care routine.

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