For many people, once they begin eating organic they start to look at other areas of their life where they could use more natural or organic products. Natural skin care is one of them. But once you’ve gotten into the habit of using a particular product as part of your daily routine, it can be tough to switch.

Natural Skin Care vs Organic Skin Care

Natural and organic skin care products have been rising in popularity in recent years. The terms “natural” and “organic” are often used interchangeably yet they are not the same thing.

A natural skin care product contains ingredients sourced from nature rather than created synthetically. While it is possible to create synthetic versions of natural ingredients, such as Vitamin E, they are produced in the laboratory and not found in nature. Natural skin care products generally don’t include ingredients like parabens, petrochemicals, sodium lauryl and laureth sulfates, phthalates, synthetic dyes and artificial colors.

Natural Skin Care - Go Organic


This is true of organic skin care products as well. The main difference between organic and natural skin care products is that organic ingredients must pass more rigorous standards of purity. In order to be organic, an ingredient must have been derived without the use of synthetic pesticides, petroleum fertilizers or sewage sludge fertilizers, and it must not be a genetically modified organism or GMO.

Organic and natural skin care can initially seem like a big change but so did eating organic when you first started. In addition to beautiful healthy skin that makes you feel good inside and out, “going organic” with your skin care has so many other benefits.

Chemical Free

Parabens are often used in conventionally produced skin care products as well as other health and beauty products to preserve them and extend their shelf life. They are synthetic and mimic your body’s natural hormones. Many people are concerned that parabens may alter the functions of your body’s endocrine system. Artificial ingredients like parabens may help a product do one thing well, but could have possible, and still undiscovered, side effects.

Organic and natural skin care products use preservatives found in nature that won’t affect your body, such as grapefruit seed extract. Or they contain no preservatives at all, natural or synthetic. While that may give them a shorter shelf life, you’ll be using a purer and healthier product on your skin.

Avoid Irritation

Chemicals, artificial colors, and fillers in conventionally produced skin care products can cause redness, irritation, and breakouts. Many people are allergic to the chemicals commonly found in these products. Organic and natural skin care products work with your skin instead of against it.

Many organic and natural products work better than their conventional counterparts and are gentler over time. While some unnatural products may seem to work better initially, the chemicals that made your skin feel cleaner may actually cause damage in the long run.

Spare Your Sinuses

Artificial fragrances are designed to cover up the smell of other chemicals used in conventionally produced products. You end up with a chemical to cover up another chemical, and all those chemical smells can cause headaches in many people.

Organic and natural skin care products smell like their natural ingredients, not a cocktail of chemicals. Some are scented with natural essential oils and can provide aromatherapy.

Natural Skin Care - Go Organic


Conventionally produced skin care products can have a negative impact on the environment. It is not uncommon for those who care about what they put in and on their body are also concerned about our environment.

The manufacturing of chemical-heavy skin care and other health and beauty products puts those chemicals, and many more, into the air and water. Using products made with ingredients farmed and manufactured organically mean fewer chemicals enter the air and water.

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Our mission is to provide our consumers with premium quality products that are free from chemicals or dyes and are kind to you as well as our environment. We want to provide you with not only a luxurious product but an experience as well.

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