To understand why organic body oil is the best choice when caring for your skin, you should first understand that body oil, in general, is more beneficial than lotion. No matter what the season, keeping your skin healthy and moisturized can be a constant struggle. Many choose skin or body lotions as a solution and are often disappointed with the results.

One reason for this is body lotion has a tendency to rub off. This leaves skin almost as dry as it was before applying the lotion. Many think that body oil will leave them with a greasy feeling. Body oils actually absorb quickly and deeply into the skin leaving it moisturized all day.

Organic Body Oil - Benefits for Your Skin


The other reason is that lotion is basically oil and water combined with an emulsifier to hold the two together. While many lotions feel good on the skin, they contain emulsifiers that are made by processes that are environmentally unsound. Other lotions are produced under more environmentally friendly circumstances using emulsifiers such beeswax, lecithin, candelilla wax.

The reality is you can get better result by just using body oil on wet skin, without worrying about what type of emulsifier a lotion might contain. For those who truly want to use only natural ingredients on their skin, organic body oil is the way to go.

Long Lasting Moisture for Your Skin

Using organic body oil will provide your skin with a deep, long lasting moisture. Unlike body lotions, body oils seal moisture into the skin, keeping it soft and supple. They will not only make your skin feel good, it will look healthy and beautify as well.

The best time to apply body oil is right out of the shower or bath on damp skin. Applying to skin free of perfumes soaps and lotions will maximize the moisturizing effects of the body oil. Massaging body oil gently and thoroughly into the skin will leave it replenished and silky smooth. Taking good care of your skin will make you feel good about yourself.

Organic Body Oil and Massage

Using body oil during a massage can increase the benefits of both. While the skin is rubbed with the oil, a light pressure is applied to the muscles. The prolonged agitation of a massage stimulates the muscles and blood circulation. The increased circulation provides more oxygen to the tissue which promotes revitalization and the growth of fresh new skin cells.

The oil worked into the skin goes deep, making it soft and locking in moisture. The oil absorbed into the skin can also react to sunlight and help promote the production of vitamin D.

Physical and Mental Benefits of Organic Body Oil

In addition to making your skin soft, organic body oils typically contain a high concentration of beneficial vitamins and antioxidants. This makes the skin better able to retain water and strengthens it against damage.

Massaging body oils into the skin can help to alleviate muscle aches and pains. It can also provide relaxation benefits and help to reduce stress. Many organic body oils have scents which can provide the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy

Scents such as lavender are known to be effective in reducing anxiety and stress. Many different citrus scents are also known to relieve anxiety, which can aid in promoting a positive energy level. Other scents, such as eucalyptus, can stimulate the senses and is believed to have a variety of health benefits such as anti-inflammatory, decongestant, and antibacterial properties.

Organic Body Oil - Benefits for Your Skin

Dollars and Scents

Plain and simple, organic body oils provide better skin care benefits than lotions or creams and save money. Less body oil is needed and it gives skin a longer lasting, more nourishing moisture with the added bonus of aromatherapy

To promote your skin’s health, I AM Organic offers organic body oils that help your skin retain its natural moisture and infuse it with nutrients. Daily use can aid in relieving dry itchy skin while soothing and softening your skin. Dedicated to providing the highest quality in organic body products, our products are perfect for pampering yourself while staying true to your personal commitment to use natural and organic products. Sandy, the founder of I AM Organic, created and uses all of the products herself. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.